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Transsexual Experience As Couple


Ben and Francesca had talked about the attractions of transsexualism…the advantages of both genders. Since both were bisexual the attraction of playing with a TS at least once in their lives steered them toward putting it on their mutual bucket list.

They were anxious to find the right girl for them – very feminine (some they had heard had deep voices and prominent Adam’s apples), beautiful, experienced with newbie couples and genuinely bisexual happy to play with both of them.

Having carried out extensive research to no avail, they eventually found a girl and booked her. Her name was Merve and she was from Turkey. They reserved a hotel for one night when Francesca was in London and decided it would be good to have a meal with Merve so all three of them felt at ease.  The designated day arrived and as Francesca and Ben sat at a table in the hotel restaurant, both their stomachs had the now familiar churning butterfly feelings in expectation of fun sex.

She was late but when she came into the restaurant she was worth it. Heads turned as a stunningly beautiful, curvy, dark haired woman came over to them. She whispered “Hi. I am Merve. Are you Ben and Francesca?“. “Yes” Francesca replied as she smiled. Merve took off her coat to reveal a low cut red dress that revealed much of her beautiful breasts and sat down with them. Merve spoke perfect English and they chatted about the menu and how their days had been, avoiding their motives why all three of them were there. Merve oozed sex and was a teased with both of them. There was no reason to believe anything other than she was a gorgeous, young woman.

The three of them got on well…just two girls and a guy enjoying each other’s company. As the meal ended Merve said how much she was enjoying the evening and suggested she and Francesca go to the room and Ben follow a bit later. The girls left in good spirits and Ben stayed. As he finished his drink his thoughts moved to what might happen in the next few hours…a journey into his unknown.

When Ben stepped into the room, the two girls were sat on the bed in a passionate embrace. They were clearly getting on really well. They both looked up and smiled at Ben and beckoned him over to them. He was with them in a flash as his anticipation and excitement shot up…along with his cock.

Kissing Merve was no different from kissing any other beautiful woman…soft lips, her wet tongue seeking his mouth and passion. The three of them enjoyed their prolonged, deep, wet, oral exchanges…an undervalued form of sex, thought Ben. Merve unbuttoned his shirt and then undid his fly to take out his erect penis.

As she played with it with her fingers, Francesca went behind her to unzip Merve’s dress to reveal her pert, rounded breasts unrestricted by any bra. She peeled the dress off so that she was left only in some tiny lace knickers. By now Ben was naked and had set about helping Francesca out of her dress as Merve licked and nibbled her breasts.

Francesca had on her very sexy Chantelle Thomas black bra and French knickers. Merve purred with pleasure as she gazed on her tight perfect body. She complemented Merve so well with her come fuck, teasing face. Ben pulled her knickers down with his teeth as she slipped her bra fully off.

Ts Merve Makes Cum True

Transsexual Experience Turkish shemale

Now came the moment of truth …..Ben looked at Francesca to ensure that she was connected ..she smiled in that animalistic away the signals the door is wide open…and she slowly pulled down Merve’s panties. It was as if time stood still as a stiff, long cocked emerged. It was beautiful and fully functioning.  

For a moment it was confusing and discombobulating. Here was a beautiful womanly woman with a cock of which any man would be proud.  Francesca quickly and without hesitation went down on it and sucked it as Ben pulled himself together and first caressed and kissed Merve before she asked to suck his cock. This felt so erotic. Now Francesca lowered herself onto Merve’s hard dick and as she moved up and down, it grew in size. Harder and harder she rode as Ts Merve continued to suck Ben.

Francesca turned over so that Merve was on top and facing her. They kissed and Francesca caressed and sucked her nipples as Merve inserted her cock deep inside her vagina. Francesca could not believe the pleasure and erotic excitement of being fucked by this beautiful TS. By now Ben was really horny and the sightof Merve’s beautiful arse moving up and down as she screwed his partner was really turning him on. He wanted in. He could resist no more so, after covering his member with lubrication, he slowly inserted it intoMerve’s bum. She moaned with delight.

It felt tight yet comfortable for Ben. Similar but different to being inside a woman. Gradually all three fell into a rhythm of fucking pleasure as Merve penetrated Francesca and Ben moved in and out of Merve in a syncopated dance. Their mutual sexual excitement grew and Francesca screamed with delight as she came writhing like a wild mare being trained. A few seconds later Merve exploded into her soaking wet cunt and Ben could hold back no more as he shot his seed into his new Turkish friend. He felt as though he had fucked his beloved partner through another person. 

They collapsed onto the bed on their backs as they fondled and stroked and kissed each other in that magic post orgasmic state. Merve was very happy and keen to see them again. Francesca looked into Ben’s eyes and smiled …they did not need to exchange words to each understand that this had been an adventure on their bucket list they would return to in the future.

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